Survey Results: Why Projects Fail

Survey Results:
Why Projects Fail

Survey of 3,400 project management professionals.

Roadblocks Ahoy

62.3% of participants agree that communication is the biggest roadblock to success.

“Complex projects with many moving parts need a more robust platform than status meetings and email threads.”

Project Management Approach

More than half
of survey participants are using multiple solutions within different teams and groups.

Without a single, company-wide work management solution, performance issues and the inability to respond quickly to marketplace or customer demands could arise.

Work Management Report Card

The majority of respondents rate their current project management solution as “somewhat successful.”

3 common problems:

Failure to Go Beyond Managing Basic Tasks

Difficult to Customize

Limited Project Reporting and Executive Visibility

Failure is Not an Option—it’s a Reality

69.1% attribute poor communication to project failure.

Top 3 Causes of Project Failure:

Poor Communication
Poor Communication
Lack of Team Alignment
Lack of Team Alignment
Ineffective Leadership
Ineffective Leadership

Automate, Streamline and Repeat

Nearly 80% of respondents believe automated workflows are important or very important for a modern project management solution.

“Productivity is increased thanks to repeatable processes, less administrative work and reduced errors.”

We are the Work World

35%  of survey participants indicated that at least half of their projects have global stakeholders.

“Global organizations without a streamlined project management solution may find work and projects challenging to complete due to widespread project ownership with limited in-person meetings and less frequent one-to-one discussions.”

Collaboration without Borders

Nearly 40% of respondents indicated that 50% or more projects have external stakeholders.

“Analysts reveal that the key to meeting objectives in a multi-sourced work environment is to establish a process to centralize information and information resources.”

Another 3 Alarm Fire Drill

More than 60% of participants indicated that unplanned activities make up a quarter or more of their total projects.

“Project management software helps incorporate unplanned events into the current workflow to ensure optimal workplace productivity.”

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